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Welcome to

We offer Domain Registration and Web Hosting solutions to establish your web presence at prices you can afford!
Our web hosting plans are designed with premium features at great prices.
Our domain name services are unbeatable, with registration prices as low as $9.18 and an easy to use domain management system.
We offer reseller hosting and domain name reseller plans as well.

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:: Our News ~ 03-18-2005
Now offering Helm Extensions on windows hosting accounts. This new feature will allow customers to:
1. Track disk space taken up by E-Mail and Databases!
2. Setup a URL via which they can access their website before dns propagation, or so they can test their website before finally moving it from an old provider to our services.
3. For each domain on the system, you can edit the IIS default document list. This is the list of documents IIS will look for when you attempt to visit a directory. Examples include index.html, default.asp etc..
4. For each domain, choose a PHP version to use (or turn PHP off all together).Those users who want the new features of PHP5 could enable it themselves, from their control panel, and other users would be unaffected and continue to run the more compatiable PHP4...
4. The parent paths feature of IIS is off by default in Windows 2003, due to security concerns. However many asp scripts require that it is turned on With this feature, Parent Paths can be enabled or disabled by the user on a specific domain or sub-domain at any time.
5. Support Request feature allows resellers and end-users to use an icon in Helm to send a support e-mail automatically containing account number and domain name.
6. For Resellers: Setup newsletters for your users which they can subscribe to and send messages to them.

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Plan 1
- 250MB Disk Space
- 1500MB Bandwidth
- Email/Ftp/Control Panel
- Mysql/Access
- Advanced Statistics
Order Now! $9.99

Plan 2
- 800MB Disk Space
- 3GB Bandwidth
- Email/Ftp/Control Panel
- Mysql/Access
- Advanced Statistics
Order Now! $19.99

Plan 3
- 1500MB Disk Space
- 5GB Bandwidth
- Email/Ftp/Control Panel
- Mysql/Access
- Advanced Statistics
Order Now! $29.99

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